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LTMZT400 turntable palletizer machine

【LTMZT400 turntable palletizer machine】Detail

LTMZT400 turntable palletizer machine has the features of beautiful shape , light and simple structure , convenient installation , safe and reliable , strong applicability and low maintenance cost . It can realize 450 packets per hour and covers an area of covers an area of small . Small and medium-sized feed mill , food processing plants and other bagged products to replace the artificial manual handling of the ideal product can be widely used in feed , grain , chemical and other industries .

LTMZT-400 turntable palletizer integrated system consists of stacking host , climbing conveyor , kick bag (push bag) machine , belt conveyor and control system . Control system used in Siemens PLC , Schneider Electric and WeinView touch screen , conveyor motor using Taiwan Wan Xin gear reducer.

LTMZT-400-type palletizer area and stacking capacity and other parameters ,

* Output , up to 450 bags / hour (package weight , 40Kg / bag) .

* The first 9 layers 50 packets, each layer 6 packets, one layer of two packets (eighth layer of two packets) ; The second layer of 9 layers of 54 packets, 6 packets per layer (optional) .

* Tray size , 1650mm × 1450mm; 1600mm × 1400mm .

* Palletizing main machine floor area ,  2500mm × 1800mm (not including conveyor) .

* Power consumption , 5Kw (stacking host and send plate device) .


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